Renaming Google Map Starred Location

Google Team has been extensively enhancing the Google Map, over the last 5 years we have been using it to create Camping in Taiwan Map locations. However there are some setbacks in Navigation or pin point a location that is not highlighted in the Map thus making Navigation rather difficult. 

Our last backpacking trip in South East Asia, we had our Garmin Oregon 400t GPS and Smartphone however we did not use the Garmin or any 3G just WiFi. We were able to find our way using Starred location, find the nearest hotel, restaurants and transportation. Locating free WiFi was the biggest challenge however most accommodation provided that.

Many do not know that the Starred location in Google Map is a very powerful tool and can be used both Online and Offline. It is very much the same as in Handheld GPS what we call Waypoints. These are very important points which we use as Markers, just like old school using Map and Compass.

In a foreign land and a language that we do not understand, we relied very much on Google Map search and Tripadvisor. Finding the locations, Starred it on Google Map account and find our way there.

If you have a 3G network, it will be much easier to Navigate to the location using Smartphone. Most of our time we tried to find WiFi location and do our preparation for the next stop, however we used old school method for Navigation. GPS still works if you have an Offline map. (Google Ver.6)

In our era now, paper maps have became redundant and Google Map have replaced much of it. So in this Post we will discuss

  • Using the Desktop or Laptop to Starred Location
  • Using Android to Starred a Location 
  • Renaming Starred Locations

The solution was rather simple, if you do your homework before setting off, everything will come in place. Normally we start from our Desktop or Laptop. 

Using the Desktop or Laptop to Starred Location
  1. Go to Google Map and zoom in on the location you like to navigate too
  2. Right click mouse and click on where is here and a Green Arrow will show up with GPS coordinates.
  3. On the GPS Coordinates there is a White Star, click it and it will turn Yellow. (meaning you have Starred the location)
  4. On Google Map, on the top Left Corner click My Map and a new Starred location will show up with GPS coordinates. If not click on the Starred, which is the location you want to navigate to.

Using Android to Starred a Location 
  1. You will need a Network first
  2. Go to Google Map and locate the location you wish to Navigate. 
  3. Press and hold for few seconds and a Red Marker will show up and Pop up will show the details of the location.
  4. Click the details and it will Navigate to another detail page
  5. Locate the White Star and click on it which will save into your account. 
  6. Google Ver.6, navigate back the the Google Map and click on Maps and click My Places, under Starred you will see on your locations saved.
  7. Google Ver.7 under Search beside there it is a Navigation button, click on it and it will show the Starred locations.
  8. Choose the location and it will show a route.  
Google Ver. 6

Google Ver. 7

Renaming Starred Locations
Now the problem arise if you have to many Starred Location with either GPS coordinates or address with with no names. To tackle this problem, you will have to log in your Google Account and proceed to this LINK.

  1. Under Bookmarks highlighted in Red click on it and it will show all the Starred Location. 
  2. Click on Edit and you can change the location name, add note or label. 

Currently I am using 2 versions of Google Maps. On Sony Ericsson Xperia Active I have the Ver.6 and on the 2013 Nexus 7 it's on Ver.7. The difference between these 2 versions are some places such as Taiwan, I am still unable to download Offline Map for Ver.7 at the time of this posting. I do not have 3G Network so I rely very much on Offline Maps on the Xperia Active.

For Ver.7 at the moment it is really crappy, there are many complains from Mappers who created their own maps and cannot be accessed. For the moment still feel Ver.6 is much better, stay tune for the next posting how you can download Google Map Ver.6  which is much better in terms of sharing and finding non-listed places.

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