Private Travel Cloud WIFI

One of our biggest problem was to store all those beautiful photos and videos we took with our camera during our trips. We are not a big fan using Smartphone for travel pics, resolution is a big negative point and the storage is limited.

Those days we have a laptop with us everytime we travel but somehow to carry 2kg of adpators, chargers and so on is not ideal. Laptop charger already weighs half the laptop weight.  

Design for iOS, Windows, Android 

After much research looking for an App so that I could locate my friends and family members. Finally came across this platform which performs rather well. At the moment I have my partner and few friends testing it out. 

I do have Google location, yes I can see my families but Google location has it limitation. Unlike Life360, beside the ability to check on friends and family, it can be used for phone calls and messaging. Sending our Panic alerts when needed.

However being a non-US user there are few limitations, such as using it to make calls. Been trying to register our phone numbers but was not successful. Sending messages and Panic Alert was not a problem.