Google Maps ver 6.14.4 Download

If you still prefer Google Map ver 6 like I do, here is the latest Apk you can download and install on your device.

If you are unsure how to install, refer to the previous post.

Important to note that you must uncheck under Google Play Auto Undate, otherwise you will still end up Google Maps latest version.


Nexu 7 2013 Upgrade Android 4.3 to 4.4.2

 Do you have problems upgrading Nexus 7 from Jelly Bean to Kitkat? Well I did, since the day got my hands of N7 device, it was unlocked and rooted. 

Somewhere is Sep 2013 the News of Kitkat has been rolling out. In Oct my N7 device notified on the new Kitkat update. I have been trying using OTA update but each time came to "FAILED" installation and so decided to give up the idea since JB 4.3 was working fine.

Now Kitkat rolled out 4.4.2 version and still I had the same problem, did some researched on XDA forum and tried each of their suggestion but still did not work out. I was always stuck with "KoreanIME.apk" error on recovery, perhaps something I deleted earlier on.