Guide to Installing Google Map Version 6.9.2

Over the last few years Google Map have made many improvement and changes both on Desktop and Android. It is very frustrating when we took pain staking years to create a map for everyone and suddenly everything started to shift. 

On the Android Devices when we upgraded to the newer Google Map version 7, everything was lost. Could not download Offline Maps from our current location nor view Maps that we have created or bookmark.

At this current Google Map development stage Google Map Version 6 is still the best to use if there is no 3G or WiFi Network. 

Here is a guide how you can have the earlier Google Map version back on the Android (No Root is required). This is not a permanent option however if needed you can still upgrade back to the latest version through Google Play Store.

Benefits of Google Map ver.6
  • Able to view bookmark maps
  • Able to created Offline Maps
  • Zoom Buttons can be included
  • Scale bar can be included
  • Able to use Google Maps Offline 

Here are some Maps that I have downloaded for Offline use

Guide to Installing Google Map ver. 6.9.2 
  • On the Android go to Google Play Store
  • Depending on your Smartphone, locate the setting button as shown below
  • On Settings, set Auto update app to Do not auto-update apps (We set this on all our devices otherwise it keeps updating and draining battery life, this will also prevent Google Map update to the latest version. Not to worry, Apps will send notifcation for updates.)
  • Click this LINK to download Google_Maps_ 6.9.2.apk
  • Connect your device to the PC and Navigate to the SD Card Folder, if you have a Download folder save the Google_Maps_6.9.2.apk on this folder. You can use or create other folders but I refer to have it all in one location.
  • Go to Google Play Store and download ES Explorer File Manger
  • On the Android device, go to Settings ---> Security ---> "check" Unknown Sources.
  • Open ES Explorer on the Android device and look under SD Card for Download folder which the Google Map apk is stored. 
  • Click on the Google Map and you are on the way to install back the earlier version Google Map. 
Google Play Settings (older devices)

Google Play Settings

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  1. Would it be able to install on Xiaomi Mi3 Phones?