After much research looking for an App so that I could locate my friends and family members. Finally came across this platform which performs rather well. At the moment I have my partner and few friends testing it out. 

I do have Google location, yes I can see my families but Google location has it limitation. Unlike Life360, beside the ability to check on friends and family, it can be used for phone calls and messaging. Sending our Panic alerts when needed.

However being a non-US user there are few limitations, such as using it to make calls. Been trying to register our phone numbers but was not successful. Sending messages and Panic Alert was not a problem.    

Life360 Review
Rating: 3.5/5 

  • If we are out with friends, we can view each other location
  • Panic Alert with detailed location
  • Work well for parent with kids
  • Able to create Circle Groups notification such as family and friends
  • Able to view map on desktop or laptop however there are limitations
  • Able to show navigation routes to friend's location
  • Able to have friends or family members instant update location on demand
  • Able to setup location update on demand from every 15mins to half a day. This will probably prevent battery drainage.  
  • Able to set up alert zone if kids are heading towards a danger zone. 
  • Able to locate nearby emergency centers such as Police Stations, Fire Departments and Hospitals
  • Able to check location History
  • For non-smartphone tracking, a monthly Plan USD5.00 applies

  • Full function not fully tailored for International user
  • Unable to add Non-US phone numbers
  • Unable to change emergency nos, currently is set at 911 (USA)
  • Unable to change distance from Imperial to Metric units
  • Invitation for Non-US user can only be done through Email
  • Able to use on Nexus 7 Tablet but settings have limitation, can't view Circle Groups only Family.  

Overall it is an excellent application, would give another point if they can address the Cons. For this moment, we will use this App. Will get in touch with my kids in USA and Singapore and see how well this App perform.

Desktop view

Adding New Circle Group

Panic Alert with Message details

This Youtube video will give you an idea how useful this application can be. It comes in both Android and iPhone version 

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